Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of Roleplay server is this?

A: This is a QB-Core Economy Server.


Q: What is the age limit of this server?

A: The age limit policy is that you must be 16+ to apply for a fivem whitelist.


Q: How do I become a Law Enforcement Officer?

A: You must apply for the whitelist first, After one week you will be allowed to apply for LEO.


Q: Is this on console?

A: No, this is strictly for FiveM, you must use a PC.


Q: Can I just be an LEO?

A: So, you must apply for the whitelist first, basically becoming a civ, then that would allow you to make an LEO application, so technically yes if you never go on as a civilian.


Q: Are there civilian ranks?

A: No, once you get whitelisted, you are free to do what ever you want while abiding by the rules.


Q: How long does LEO training take?

A: LEO training would probably take an hour or two, depending how many recruits there are.


Q: Is there civilian training?

A: No, you are not required to be trained to become a civilian, it just takes common sense.


Q: Are there any menu(s)?

A: No, this is a strictly script based server, meaning that you must RP everything out... even buying a car.


Q: Are there any age exceptions

A: Yes! the only exception is if you are 15 but seem mature enough to join then you will be able to join, but you will be on watch by staff for a week or two.