Welcome to StriveRP

At Strive Roleplay, We strive for the best experience and gameplay for everyone. We are a economy server built of the QB-Core Framework. You can choose your pathway to success, From being a garbage worker to a criminal king pin. The City is your oyster.

- Strive Roleplay Management


Strive Roleplay is ran with the QB-Core framework meaning that there is economy! As a citizen of San Andreas you are able to build up your own character how ever you want. There are various jobs in-game for you to do and make your living, There is also the illegal way to make your living by doing bank and store robberies, robbing vehicles and selling them on the black market, going against the law to build up a reputation, making gangs and criminal organizations, and more... There is also of course the Law Enforcement side, as a law enforcement officer you will be held to the highest standards, you will be able to start traffic stops, arrest someone, write tickets with our in-game MDT.

How do you Join?

To roleplay on our server you must have an official copy of the GTAV PC version, FiveM installed, and Discord. You must also join our discord server.


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